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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where did March go?

Gee these days all I seem to manage is lots of photos with  an update of our doings. 
My days have been so full of activity that I am not managing to do regular posts. The weather has been really pleasant, as one would expect for Autumn.  We are still getting warmer days, but they are so much nicer. Yesterday it reached 40C (104F) but it didn't feel that hot, even though I did need to put the air conditioner on for a little while.  Today was warm too, but now it is looking a lot like rain.  My fingers are tightly crossed.

My daughter has arrived home safely on Australian soil.  She left London the night of the latest air crash, so it was a stressful time. For me anyway, but that's what mothers do when their chickies are away from the nest. Here is Sarah's "baby" not looking too impressed about being dumped at Nanna's.

I have my new lens, but most times my photos are captured on my phone as I carry it with me.  The quality is not as good as my Canon because I only have a cheap phone...

We have rockmelons galore, but they are so yummy and healthy, so I am not complaining!

And still picking capsicums and the occasional tomato...

 Some sunflowers at my parents place...we went for a visit.

 Here is a piece of machinery (harvester) that my dad has restored.  I will take more photos next time, so I can show you how clever he is...

 Home grown tomatoes from my mum J

Morning sunshine...

 I saved my Valentine's Day flowers, dried them and popped them into a blue vase J


I am loving my new wind chimes.

Making use of an old retro teapot...

Succulents rule!

Weekending with my friend Wendy. 
We went to the farmers markets in a nearby town and enjoyed a tour around our area.  I packed my lunch, camera and hat and off we went.

 And I came home with this lot.

Saw some of these on our way home, 
there they were just grazing in the paddock


Strawberries were on special, so I bought them and soaked thoroughly in water and vinegar then froze on a tray and later put them into bags. These will be used for my daily smoothies.  After the recent scare with frozen berries here in Australia, this is how I will be doing mine from now on.

  I am getting my health in check and claiming my life back.  I have grown tired of feeling lousy, so it is time for change.  Less screen time, more exercise and mainly a diet of vegan/plant based food. I started my new life change over a month ago and I am feeling fantastic!

This is what my healthy looks like. Small portion of stir fry veggies and brown rice, sourdough bread with real honey and a glass of clear rainwater.

 Healthy pizza. 

Zucchini burger and greek salad.

Healthy fruit and nut log.

Healthy and delicious chocolate fruit and nut balls.

I am enjoying eating lots of raw fruits and veggies, and my body is loving it!

Hubby has been busy working on his shed, the end is near now. Here he is fixing a water leak we had last week.  The leak was right at the base of the tree.

And with Jennifer Aniston last week in Adelaide lol!

Hope he doesn't slip. 
It was a bit tight trying to put tin up on the shed on the weekend, but he did it and survived!

Beautiful sunrises this time of year J

Hope everyone is well.  

Blessings to you all,


  1. Hi Tania! You have been busy and Im glad you are feeling better.
    Where oh where did you get the Blue Wren mobile/chimes? I love it!
    I am freezing fresh berries too from specials as I wont buy frozen anymore either.
    The rockmelons look wonderful.
    Tonight it is raining here. Gently but steadily. I hope it goes all night and I hope you get it! xxx

  2. What lovely photos, Tania. I think that geranium is the same as one we have. I think it is called a 'Patricia Allen' or something like that. It is really gorgeous. Have a relaxing Easter.

  3. That is what I love about your blog Tania.... you are living fully and blogging when you have time.....so many bloggers blog first and contrive their lives (and photos) around that.
    Your genuineness shines through clearly

  4. I am like you using my phone to take photos. You are a busy bee that's for sure.

  5. I'm glad your daughter got home ok. It's stressful when the kid are out roaming around.

    As always, I enjoyed the pictures of the good things you grow in your garden.

  6. It is always great to read your updates. Loving all your photos and the produce. Looks delicious!

  7. agree with phil, life should come first, blogging later. it's probably a good thing you are doing less screen time, i find if i'm here too much the depression creeps in again, so have to minimize it. i do love to catch up with everyone though & some days that can take a few hours!
    glad you are feeling better too. beautiful photos, like they say a picture can say a thousand words.
    thanx for sharing

  8. Loving your healthy meals and snacks, yum yum yum. I still get a thrill when i drive home across the plains near Jerilderie and see emus wandering. I think you are pretty safe with hubby's fantasy girl.

  9. You mean there was a March!! What the hell! Bugger I missed it!. Great catch up post, you are good to be eating healthily I'm just at the perhaps I should be thinking about thinking about it stage! :D

  10. I love Phils observation too. I'm pleased to hear you're feeling better Tania. The photos are fab, and that little plant in the teapot? Inspired! Mimi xxx

  11. Your photos are lovely Tania. Good on you for freezing your own strawberries. Can you grow raspberries where you live ? We've picked 3 1/2 kilos in our first year from two plants.

  12. Your sunset photo is amazing and I agree eating clean food makes you feel good....umm after the school holidays I will be joining you eating too much rubbish at the moment. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  13. Tania,

    I would love your fruit and nut ball recipe if it has no sugar or flour in it, dear!

    Happy weekend,

    1. So glad you want to know more about my fruit and nut balls Kelley. I have sent you an email with the recipe. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you don't receive the email, I will then post the recipe on my blog :)



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