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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keeping busy...

Things are busy here at the moment...

We are pulling up old carpet and preparing for the new to arrive.

Should be here any day now,
it had better be lol.

We removed the furniture from each room, and had to manoeuvre it around to different parts of the house.
Pulled up the old stuff and the underlay, then all the staples had to be pulled out and the 20 years of red dirt vacuumed up.

Now this is what I like to see,
A man with a vacuum cleaner :)

Lots of echos in the house now, it is amazing how the carpet dulls the sound...

The blue cord going across the lounge area is the internet for our son. It goes all the way up to his room. Hubby is supposed to be running it under the house soon so it is out the way...

The flooring creaks a lot so hubby is hoping to stop most of the movement by putting some screws in the places where they are the noisiest. No burglar can sneak in this house and be unheard lol!

The furniture has just been plonked anywhere for the moment...

So I have a house that is in disarray, hopefully not for too long, but by the sounds of it could be a week or so yet...

A good chance to have a good clean out and work out what we really want and what we really need...

And my little friend the gecko (well I think it is the same one) was back yesterday, this time in another spot...

It is a wonder the birds dont eat him...

Must be well camouflaged...

Just received the phone call for our new carpet to be laid on the 2nd of December...

So a little longer to wait than I had hoped but at least it will be in by Christmas. My birthday is on the 1st December so it will be a nice present :)

What are you busy with this week?



  1. I love redecorating the house after it's finished. (not the mess it creates while doing it). Nothing better than a needed change. You will feel like your living in a new house when it's done...hang in there!

  2. Tania I agree a man with a vacuum cleaner is a lovely sight but what about a man doing the ironing.
    My youngest birthday is also on the 1st of December.I hope your wish comes true about the carpet.

  3. Super busy here this week. Working, harvesting and organising our bathroom renovations. Currently chasing up a cast iron bath which has gone AWOL somewhere between here and Brisbane....

    A vacuum cleaner definitely adds to a man's sex appeal. More men need to realise this!!

    Sounds like your new carpet will be fantastic.

  4. I love seeing a man with a vacum! I really want to change the carpet we have but its still in really good nick, so I just cant justify the cost of ripping up good carpet for new stuff. Also all the moving of furniture puts me off. Cant wait to see the photos of it all in.

  5. I don't iron....but I do most other jobs. It all starts at the kitchen sink...;-).

  6. This is a big job and I bet you are exited it will be so fresh looking...we are toying with pulling all the slate up off the back area,I did say toying it will be a big,dirty job yuk ..but Mum trips on the uneven floor and we will be elderly too one day and i would love it to be gone..o'h well think we will leave that thought for awhile lol.

  7. You absolutely win! I would love to have a home full of new carpet for Christmas... sigh. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Oh that Gecko is so cute! Imagine how amazing it will be when you have new carpets :)Exciting times.

    Bless you heaps


  9. You'll have to show us a picture when you get the carpet laid and everything is back in order. I've been busy cleaning the house for guest coming in this weekend. I should have comoany more often!

  10. Our basement was never finished when the house was built in 07, so it has been my "baby" ever since, fixing it up to make it more appealing. I've been doing a bit of decorating down there myself, but no carpet just yet,only in my craft room. I love doing that,but with no money allowed for that, specifically, in the budget,it's been a challenge,but I'm getting there.I have posted a few pictures along the way, but there is lots more to do.It is kinda fun, although it is a lot of work.


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