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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Today's Pickings

I picked from the garden this morning,
heaps of zucchini's, some beetroot, one apple cucumber, two cauliflowers and seven tomatoes of varying sizes...

Now I can get busy this afternoon and finally get my beetroot pickled,
I have been waiting for more to be ready so I can add to this lot....

Hotting up here again with today 35C (95F), and reaching 38C (100.4F) by Tuesday...

Wishing you a lovely Sunday,



  1. Very envious! I have bought beetroot from the supermarket and just cooked it then put it in vinegar and sugar but have never actually bottled it. It tastes so much better than the canned stuff!


  2. Awesome! Our toms only have just got flowers - so still a long way off from getting toms.


  3. Love pickled beetroot, what recipe do you use?

  4. Your garden is way ahead of mine. My tomatoes have yet to produce any flowers, never mind fruit. Guess this cold weather which is persisting doesn't help them much.

    But yours look scrummy :)

  5. how does your garden manage with the heat?

  6. Tania, that photo is lovely! It's so nice when you finally get to harvest, isn't it? Good gardening!

  7. Hey Tania, such a lot of produce from your garden, it's wonderful.......

    We've had 3 inches of rain since Friday. The tomatoes are walnut sized and rock hard and the zucchinis are just a bunch of leaves at the moment but the berries are fruiting their heads off............

    Hope you are coping alright with the heat,

    Claire :}

  8. A beautiful harvest, it all looks delicious and fresh!

    We've picked carrots today and been gifted 2 enormous leeks from our great neighbours.

    Sft x

  9. wow your garden is going great. you guys in SA have been havin hot weather for a while now. I think summer forgot to come over the boarder. Still cant complain. Im sure my garden will start to produce soon. I hope!

  10. Some folks eat beet tops; have you ever tried them (I haven't)?

  11. Yes I have heard that you can eat the tops of beets, but I haven't done this myself. Our chickens got the tops :)

    I believe you can add them to stir frys, stews etc.

  12. It's always odd to see the reverse season...Our garden is now a thing of the past and yours is obviously in full bloom...Beautiful batch!
    Apple cucumber? The little white thing perhaps? A first for me!
    Blessings to you and yours,


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