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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Garden Extension

We have progress :)

Hubby has been busy...

 Putting up fences, pulling down fences, clearing, burning, raking and preparing beds...

A nice big area to get our hands dirty in, 
I cant wait.
 I may even try some Winter crops this year :) 

It has been quite warm here this past week with temperatures around 33C (91.4F).  A cool change is due on Saturday and hopefully some rain with it because I have some native plants I want to plant out.  Next week is looking much cooler...

Hope the weather is pleasant where you are :)



  1. Hello Tanya,
    Your garden area is looking wonderful. I can imagine how excited you must be to get your hands into the dirt and start planting :))
    Do hope you get the much needed rain SA needs... Happy planting :))

  2. This is going to be a great garden area,can't wait to see all your produce growing...well done!

  3. Hi Tanya your new garden area looks great I think I'm a little envious lol! A big cheer for your hubby. Happy gardening can't wait to see update photos after you plant out.

  4. The heat is so bad here any more, during the summer months, I feel we may have to change our gardening techniques.Possibly go to a greenhouse type set up.It's still a bit cool here for gardens to do well. I,too, am looking forward to getting something,anything,growing.

  5. Wow! Your garden looks amazing! You will surely pull alot of food out of those beds!

  6. The garden beds look great...can't wait to see what you plant. I would love to have that many garden beds.

  7. They will be lovely filled with fresh vegies come Spring...well maybe winter:0)

  8. wow that is a lot of space - looking forward to seeing what you will be planting

  9. My goodness, that is one impressive vegie garden! I have to first prove that I'm capable of turning all of ours into productive garden before hubby will think about a garden extension :)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. How exciting. Great work hubby! it looks amazing. I hope you are blessed with some cooler weather soon and a great harvest to follow.

  11. That looks amazing - here it is raining and raining and raining! x

  12. Hi Tania. The beds look fantastic! You are blessed to have a handy husband and I look forward to watching the progress!

  13. The garden looks lovely well done that man


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