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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stump Splitting Day

We spent a great part of yesterday splitting our pile of logs... 

 The corner is now vacant...

The stump splitter saves a lot of hard work...

 Even I can use it...

I do the easy bit :)

 Hubby the hard :)

Oops, time for a pose...

We purchased the stump splitter 3 years ago after hubby had a double hernia operation. 

Makes easy work of a large stump...

 From the small...

                          To the quite large...

And this is the big pile we ended up with...

 this should last us two years...

Hubby collects the wood throughout the year.  If he sees a tree getting chopped down around town, he usually rushes home to grab his chainsaw and off he goes...we probably would not use the combustion fire if we had to buy wood as it is soooo expensive!

We haven't had to use the fire yet even though we have had a couple of coolish nights with the temperature dropping to 7C (44.6F) but we just made do with a bit of extra clothing and blankets.  Now the wood is done we can be a lot warmer :)

How do you keep warm through winter?



  1. it's cold down south tania. we've had the heater on for a couple of weeks now.

  2. I gave up my wood furnace to make my wife happy. She's no happier with gas heat than she was with wood, but I'm sure a lot poorer!

  3. It is so strange how you are just getting ready for the cold weather whereas we are getting ready for the hot! Glad you have the splitter, they really do help!

  4. weve had 2 fires so far, being indulgent rather than it actually being that cold. we too have a log splitter, opposite to yours, the ram has the solid part that pushes on to a stationery wedge, got it at an auction really cheap, bloody marvelous arent they!! we will keep ourselves warm, our house dry, our washing dry, our kettle boiled, love it bring on the cold stuff. ps we get free wood too, picking up wherever its on offer.

  5. Hello, i heard about your blog from rhonda's page We use a fires as well. Although it hasn't been very cold yet (compared with some parts of the country) we have lit the fire twice. I'm not a fan of having to rug up.
    The splitter looks great!! It would make my husband a very happy man. Lol

  6. That's a great lot of wood, well done to all concerned! We've already started having fires here and there as we now have a heap of wood too.

  7. I was just wondering if I'll light ours tonight. I'm starting to get cold but haven't put a jumper on yet so probably don't *need* to. Son is here getting ready to go out bush and get another load.


  8. Hi Tania,it is going to be interesting for us this year we removed our wood fire and we know we are going to miss it,but it was so expensive buying wood and we just did not get the time to go collect it last time.We have reverse cycle and we are going to put in a gas wood fire (looks like logs) lol but they may not happen until next year..anyway see how we go.

  9. A stump splitter now there's a toy I think I would like...We have been collecting wood throught hte year as well and there is some big pieces in there...I can't wait to light my fire but alas not cold enough yet....

  10. I'm afraid we use reverse cycle air conditioning which is expensive and we have our gas log fire in the 'good room' - (no time for hubby to cut/split/stack wood). I must say we do stay lovely and warm (bedrooms have ducted heating) so I guess you pay for what you want. I don't think I would cope with a real log fire (having wood inside) if there were spiders....

    Cheers - Joolz

  11. That's a lot of wood. I can almost smell the wood smoke now. One of my favourite cold weather smells.

    Sadly we have a wall heater, but we do have a wood fired BBQ out the back that makes the best burgers on. We get our wood from the neighbourhood too. People leave piles on their footpath after they've had a tree cut.

  12. We have marvellous cozy fires in our wood stove in our cabin. I love the heat from a wood stove. It is entirely different than any other heat source.

  13. hello tanya I tried to leave a comment on your bonfire post but it didnt work. I loved your bonfire, we couldnt start ours its still too green. we have been splitting wood with our splitter too. So much easier than with and axe! The cold has hit us and we have had our fire going for a week now. Stay warm


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