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Monday, November 1, 2021

weekend at dads

Hello everyone,

As mentioned in my last post, I spent the weekend over at Dad's. Mum's flowers are looking lovely in this Spring weather, we pick them occasionally and take to Mums grave.

My Dad is a tinkerer and this is what keeps him busy. He is always on the go which is good, and spends most of his days doing this or that in his shed. 

After some convincing, Dad has planted some veggies. He wasnt going to as he didnt see the point with just him there, but I said I would deal with any excess as he grows the best tomatoes! Mum usually makes tomato soup and relish with the excess.  Now it is my turn to do those things.

I will take you of a photographic tour...

These are the veggie beds, they are under shade to protect the plants from our hot summers. There is not as much growing this year, because Mum was the keen veggie gardener in this section.

Potato poking through.

Lebanese cucumbers in here.  Now the weather has warmed these will take off. Some of these popped up by themselves, but I also bought a punnet for Dad to put in.

The strawberry bed. Dad said something is eating the strawberries, he thinks it is rats as he has had a lot of trouble with them this year.  He has tried almost everything to control them, but they are shrewd little critters.

Next door to the veggie beds is the tomato patch.  Dad always took care of the tomatoes.  They seem to be doing well. The hose is what Dad laid there, it is connected to the shed roof. The slightest bit of rain or dampness will flow onto these tomatoes.

One of the climbing geraniums.

Mum sure knew how to grow mint. We are wondering what we are going to do with all this haha!

Raspberries starting to form...

A few years ago I stopped by a garden that were selling these Bearded Iris beauties. I got a heap of bulbs for Mum and they are so pretty when they flower. 

Mum was very much involved with the WAB {Women's Agricultural Bureau} and this rose is the official WAB white rose. It is heavy in flower this year...

Not the best photo of this pelargonium, the colour of this flower is almost black. The bush is covered in them. 

Some of Mum's many roses.

And the holly hocks. I bought these as very sad seedlings on special, and now they grow huge and flower beautifully.

Daisy bush...

Lab lab bean {seven year bean} flower.

One lonely flowering bulb.

Stunning pelargonium.

And this beautiful bloom on the hippy.  It got a bit wind bashed the other day. Mum also had an unusual green one of these flower this year, she never got to see it and I forgot to take a photo ~sigh.

This is the similar to the other flower Mum has planted. This is a google pic.

Quinces on the little tree again.



Different variety of peach.


Dad thought the rhubarb had died last year, but it has appeared again this season.

Dad was working on this baler when I arrived. In the time I was there he got it up and running and baled his crop.

This is a mower he is building. He started this project last year but when Mum took sick in January it fell by the wayside. He hasn't got a lot more to do before he will have it working and hopefully cutting the grass around the place. I just noticed Dad lying under the tractor working on something in the back ground haha!

Dad decided to get Mums milk separators out and give them a clean. Mum milked a house cow for most of her life.

And so ends the tour of my parents property.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend also.

See you soon,


  1. Wow the milk separators look like an incredible piece of history and to think your Mum milked cows all her life. Wow. As for the mint can you dry it and package it up for "mint tea" if that's such a thing and give it as gifts or to a local charity if that is a thing in your remote area. I'm sure your Dad will still be thrilled growing his tomatoes. Have a good week.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I hope Dad holds on to those milk separators because they were an important part of Mum. She loved her cows, and would milk first thing in the morning and last thing at night, every day.

      I was thinking about drying the mint, but never thought of using it in tea. Thank you for the idea. I will cut some for drying next time I visit.

      Have a lovely week also,

  2. Oh, yes! That mint would make the best herb tea! What an amazing garden. I am so impressed. You and your parents are such hard workers. The roses and hollyhocks are spectacular, too.

    1. Hi Stephenie,

      I am glad you have commented about the mint tea. I am going to give it a try.


  3. I love reading your posts and looking at your photo's so much Tania, your Mum's blanket looks so beautiful! Praying for your days, thank you for sharing your heart with such beautiful honesty xx

    1. Thank you so much Joanna, its always lovely to hear nice comments about this blog, it inspires me to keep writing and sharing.

      Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Hi Tania, such a lovely wander round your mum's garden. I'm sure she'd love the way you're honouring her memory. Her and I definitely had some things in common with our shared love of cows and milking... those milk separators are so very special. One of mine is exactly that one on the stand. Oops, thunder and drops of rain here, and a dash to the washing line. Cheers, Sally XX

    1. Hello Sally,

      Mum loved her cows and milked by hand every morning and night. One time she tried a milking machine but it wasn't long and she was back milking by hand. I wasn't much good at hand milking, but my eldest daughter managed it really well and she wasn't very old at the time. Mum used to say I choked the teats lol. Cant imagine my daughter doing it now though haha!

      Enjoy the rain! We ended up with 5mm more and then it was gone!



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