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Thursday, September 29, 2022

the great wall and snippets from the garden

The great wall is finally going up.  This will help protect the fruit trees from strong hot north winds that play havoc with the trees.

Last Sunday we went with a gardening group to a little town in the Flinders Ranges to visit a herbalist lady. It was a fantastic day, and I learned a lot about herbs and came home with these three. Herb Robert, lime balm and peppermint.

I potted these up into bigger pots the next day.  Hopefully they grow well so I can make my own herbal teas.

Herb Robert. I think this is a type of geranium.

Lime Balm.

I counted up all the herbs I am growing and was surprised at how many I have, there are about 30 different kinds.


The lavender started to flower again and the bees are happy.

The rose out the front has shot out new leaves and a bud. The leaves seem a little distorted to me, possibly caused by the hail storm.

Native pig-face growing in the paddock. Although damaged they are coming back to life.

And look at the apricot tree. I am so happy.

There were many blossoms on this tree before the storm. Then nothing afterwards. So to see this happening is so good!

The old man saltbush is still not looking good. Fingers crossed it comes back in leaf before the heat of summer hits. I need it to keep the hot tin cool.

I spied a pretty little mulberry on the tree. There is another one nearby as well. That is about all on the tree at the moment. Whether I get more is yet to be seen.

Fig trees are coming into leaf and a baby fig.

Orange blossom. The tree is buzzing, which is great to hear.

First time olive tree flowers.

In the veggie patch the sweet potato has started to grow among the volunteer leeks.

Potatoes in a bag are looking good.

Lemon balm.


I've planted beans.

And netted the strawberries so I can hopefully get some. There are mice kicking around out here and the netting probably wont stop them eating my fruit.



Garlic chives.

Spring onions.

The first time I have grown broad beans and they seem to be doing well. I even have some little beans forming.

The not so baby spinach.


Carrot seedlings. Not many came up and then the black birds got in there and thinned them out even more. I have now covered the remainder.

Silver beet.

More beetroot.


Picked fresh from the garden...yum!

Trying to grow strawberries in hanging pots.

More baby spinach.

Cucumbers, bush variety.

Nice big lemons.

White flowers on an apricot tree in a pot.

Phil has been picking what is left of the quandongs and I have been cooking them up for the freezer. Such a blessing that we managed to get some even if they are a little damaged.

Take care and I will see you all soon. 




  1. Looks like all that hail only did minimal damage. That’s great news
    Meanwhile here we are still having very cold nights, and although the days have been slightly better. The paddocks are still really wet
    Spring planting will be a few weeks away I think

    1. Hi Angela, lucky the veggie patch is under cover, that is what saved it. Anything out in the elements is damaged, mostly on the north side because that was the direction of the storm, but things are coming back.
      We have friends that are experiencing the same as you with the cold and wet. The water just keeps on coming, their land is mostly covered in water now. The weather is crazy this year!

    2. Hi Tania im excited to be doing googs track next week,do you have any tips for finding quangdongs ,im obsessed with them, love to make some pies like my nan used to make

    3. Googs track is so much fun! You will have no trouble seeing the quandongs if they are still about. It might be too late but I could be wrong. Enjoy your trip! xTania

  2. Tania your vegie garden is looking amazing. I thought the hail storm might have wiped it out. The fruit trees all look like they are coming back as well. I've never grown broad beans or eaten them either.

    1. Hi Jane, Thankfully the veggie enclosure stood firm in the storm. A little hail got in but mostly the plants are okay. I don't know how to eat/cook broad beans yet, they can get huge. I'll have to google how to prepare them for eating, I'll also save some seeds because they are brilliant for adding nitrogen to the soil.
      Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Lovely to see a post from you Tania :) I also grew Broad Beans for the first time last year. I hated them as a child but now I really enjoy them, especially when they are young. I hope you get a great harvest of Apricots. Many blessings to you ~ Linda

    1. Thank you Linda. Its good to know that I will need to pick the beans when they are young to eat. I do not know a lot about them, and do not think I have ever tried them. Will need to learn how to cook them as well. We are hoping the bees have done enough work on the apricot flowers too. The tree is in full leaf now so in a little while I will check for tiny fruit.

      Many blessings to you too xxx

  4. Your garden is incredible! I love to see all that you are growing and eating. What fantastic meals you must have. Love all of those herbs, too. Such a variety!

    1. Thank you Stephenie, so lovely to hear from you again. Hope you are well xxx

  5. I enjoyed your garden pictures! It's always so interesting when we are heading into winter, you are emerging into spring! I did my last garden harvest today. Your apricot tree is beautiful! I hope you get lots of fruit. Take care and enjoy the season!

    1. Thank you for visiting, so lovely to hear from you again. xTania

  6. Tania, I love your garden posts. You grow so much food! That is a great wall you are building! What is it going to be made of? I have herb robert in my garden, and it flowers from now to around midsummer. The bees love the flowers, but be aware, it self seeds everywhere! It is a bit of a weed here, but easy to pull out so I don't worry about it.
    Broad beans - did you know that the leaves are edible, too? I pick the young ones and throw them in my salads and stir fires. They taste like broad beans! I pick the broad beans when they are about fingerlength, pod them and boil them, when they will look grey and unappetising, but then I pop the little grey covers off and they are emerald green and tender inside. Delish!

    1. Hi Jo.
      The fence is going to be high, with corrugated tin at the bottom and shade cloth at the top. It is hopefully going to stop the hot north winds when they return.
      My herb Robert has already flowered so it must be happy. Thanks for the warning about it spreading. All my herbs like to do that. I have Warrigal greens and chamomile growing wild in my garden. I just let them be and grow where they want. Warrigal greens are a ground cover so that is helpful and the chamomile I am going to use in my homemade teas. The flower is so pretty.
      No I didn't know about the broad bean leaves being edible, thank you, its good to know that. I haven't picked any beans yet, but will be in the next day or so. Thanks for the cooking tips, I'm eager to try them now.
      Take care and thanks for visiting.


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