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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spring is near

Just a quick post as things are a bit busy here this week. I have my best friend visiting from Perth once again. She is visiting with her family and friends and hopes to move back to South Australia soon. It will be wonderful to have her nearby again as we have so much in common, and have been friends forever.

The weather is changing and starting to warm up, although the mornings are still a bit crispy. Today was a beautiful day with the temperature at a lovely 19 degrees Celcuis. We are expecting 20C tomorrow, hopefully there isn't too much wind with it.
The blossoms are blooming and the flowers are budding. The wildflowers are already in flower and the wild peaches (quandongs/bush tucker) are changing from green/orange to red. I awoke this morning to the birds outside making a lot of noise celebrating the arrival of the spring weather. Show season has started with many agricultural shows on in our district.

On Sunday we did a day trip to the city to take our son down for athletics. He is part of the LA Squad which includes professional coaching and the chance to get selected to represent our state in a National competition. The picture above was taken of a lake near Locheil with a crop of canola growing nearby.

Above is a couple of the new wind turbines being installed along the hills near Snowtown. There is going to be over 100 of these giants eventually along these hills.

These are a couple of the books I am reading. I have not got very far with "A New Earth", because not long after starting to read it, my mum gave me the "Great Pioneer Women of the Outback" which is fascinating. What these women had to go through when arriving in this country is unbelievable. They were promised many things but when they arrived it was a completely different story and their struggle for survival began.
Wishing you all a great week and I will return when my friend goes home in a few days.


  1. Hi Tania. It is lovely your friend might be coming back to live, that is wonderful.

    Our temps. are cold, apparently where I grew up had snow on the hills on Monday.

    I have never seen a quandong, have seen some recently on the net.

    I think my spring will seem closer after I go to the city soon. We had birds, I think this morning, and there was a loud unusual one amongst them.

    The cloud in the turbine photo looks pretty like one I photographed here, I am wondering if they are as pretty in my hometown. I think it will still look pretty with the turbines, I hope so.

    My library has the pioneer book, so I thought that was great, thanks.

  2. I have my library copy now, haven't started reading it yet.

    I have nominated your blog for another award. I hope you don't mind!

  3. The pioneers woman looks like a great book to read. HOpe you had fun with your friend, there is nothing like a special friend who we have lots in common with.

  4. Thanks for the award Linda, I will drop by soon and pick it up.



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