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Monday, February 9, 2009

Australian's need your prayers

Update: death toll now stands at 135 with many more expected.
Australian's are in crisis and we need your prayers for the devastating bushfires in Victoria as the death toll is still rising, 108 to date with more bodies reported to have been found. NSW is also experiencing bushfires.

We also have floods in north Queensland that have devastated that region.

Truly the saddest time for Australians as this is turning into the worst bushfire in our history. These fires have been reported as being deliberately lit.


  1. It is devastating. Beechworth is in danger this morning, have you ever been there? We have spent so many happy holidays there and the community is so close knit.

  2. I didn't realize the fires had been deliberately lit. It is very sad that so many have lost their lives.

    Praying for the families affect this morning with Tom and Amelia.

  3. I was there in the past couple of months, can't recall when exactly I had to go "home" for some reason. Home is near Beechworth, I live now in a different place.

    I haven't heard the radio this morning and my husband dashed out before I could ask him, very busy morning here. I'm sorry to hear that, I heard Yackandandah is the same.

  4. This is definitely a devastating time for all Australians and we have been hearing so many stories of survival and lost it is heart wretching.

  5. We're praying for the people of Victoria during this time of unique sadness.

    To lose a home and car would be bad enough, but to lose friends or family as well would be devastating, and some have lost their jobs as well.

  6. That is terrible, you all will certainly be in my prayers.

  7. is devastating and quite hard to wrap your head around the enormity.
    My Sister lives in The yarra Valley and whilst they are in no threat her Son had to evacuate.
    She has countless friends who she is unsure about them or their homes.
    Just horrific scary stuff

  8. Two extremes - one up north the other down south. We must keep up the prayers.... so many people are now homeeless.
    God Bless,

  9. It is devastating. I have also done a post on the fires & I think the more people that we can get to do a post the better. Like a blog prayer circle but only online. I would also like to spread the word the Red Cross have started an appeal & are urgently needing blood donors.
    Thank you Tania for your thoughtful post


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