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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bushfire crisis

The bushfires are still burning and they are still finding more people that have perished.
The toll continues to rise and it is now 173 deaths. For an update and pictures see here and here
Please keep praying.


  1. Hi Tania

    It is just too sad for words. How will these people ever pick themselves up again?


  2. I have just finished looking at the first link, I was impressed with the older lady who was working with the CFA.

  3. Hi Tania,
    I have just received an email from the HEA, and there are homeschoolers in the Kinglake, Steele's Creek, Kilmore, Broadford and Beechworth areas who may have lost their homes or seen their neighbour's homes burn down.

    The HEA are taking donations. If you would like to donate directly to these homeschooling families, please email me and I will send you the details. My email address is: ashcab@dragnet.com.au


  4. We have a cousin who with three small girls escaped but has lost everything...Home and possessions,She left without even a nappy for the baby.
    Thank god they have each other though.
    Prayers and any giving...
    These tiny communities have amazing spirit and will surely rise from the Rubble strong and united.

  5. Hi Tania,
    Welcome to my blog. thanks for joining me.
    You guys got it very hot too.
    I only hope this will all be over soon and people can pick up their lives and rebuild.
    Those that lost loved ones, I hope they start to heal soon

  6. Hi, I am from America, and we are praying for you all during this time. God Bless Australia.. Maureena

  7. Just popping in to say hello. Would you believe I am wearing ugg boots and a jumper after the severe heat last week. I hope it is cooling off for you too. the Vic fires are just too tragic.


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