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Monday, February 23, 2009

Life is busy

We have identified the scary, ugly spider pictured above as an Australian Trapdoor. My son in law works for a pest control company and he has confirmed this. Unfortunately for spider lovers I had to put the spider to sleep because he was is the yard where my Day Care children play.

The weather has been pleasant lately with not much wind although it has been warm. It is hotting up to the 40's again this week which I am definitely not looking forward to. Our son is due to participate in a inter school sports competition on Friday but the forecast is 43F, so one would presume it will be cancelled.

I took this picture a few days ago, it is of the gulf that winds it's way through Port Augusta.
I have been working a fair bit lately. I am busy again this week, so there isn't much spare time to blog.

I have to be a homework help to dear son as he was struggling with all the work that is coming home. He has had five assignments in three weeks plus ordinary homework. Welcome to high school.

This is my lounge room after a busy day playing. I have a crack in my lounge window today that will need repairing. It was caused by a toy falling on it. Ahhhh!!
We went to visit with my daughter at her new little cottage in beautiful Quorn on the weekend. It is about 2o minutes drive from our house through the lovely Flinders Ranges. She is loving the thought of owning her own home and doing what she wants with it. She has posted some pictures on her blog if you want a peek.

Wishing you all a great day,



  1. I was just thinking about High School. My daughter went on a weeklong camp in the middle of the start to school so it gets very confusing for me lol. She had homework last night but it was mostly finding pictures in a magazine and pasting it in her work.

    Our forecast was downgraded to something under 40 and I am very happy about that.

    I'm sorry about your window.

    The house is lovely, your daughter's house. She has a similar view of a double storey pub perhaps as I have, I enjoy it a lot.

    Beautiful photo of the gulf.

  2. I am so glad to hear from you. I come here everyday to make sure you are ok...lol...I know I am weird, but I think of you with your weather and hope you are ok. I was worried because you missed a while. Marilyn

  3. Spider is better off sleeping!!

  4. Ekkk yucky lod spider for sure.
    Shame that temps are starting to creep up again.
    Makes everday life difficult.
    We have another fire threat about 19km's from us.
    Take Care

  5. I've just posted about High School dramas; we haven't had much homework yet; just the Maths Mate which they had at primary school.
    Lovely pic of the gulf... its funny to think of the Outback being so close to a large body of water.

  6. Gee life is busy for you, has it been hard looking after your Day Care children in the heat?

    I am excited for your daughter owning her own home and putting her own touches to it.


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