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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Christmas snaps

Now my house is quiet again, it is time to post some Christmas pics.

Daughter Kyla took most of these photos,
except this one...

Daughter Sarah and SIL Shane...

Daughter Talia with SIL Jarrad and grandson Blake...

Family shot of Me, son Jack, MIL Carley and Phil...

Another family shot, Me, Phil, Mum, Dad, Carley...

Now for the group photo...

This turned out to be a lot of fun :)

Phil decided it would be a good idea to take the group photo with the automatic setting on the camera. The thing was we hadn't used this feature before. So after 3 attempts and 3 fails we finally captured this one. By this time every single one of us was laughing...

L - R back: Kyla, Carley, Tania, Jack, Jarrad, Talia, my dad Charlie.
L-R front: Shane, Sarah, Phil, Mum Ronda, and Grandson Blake.

What we didn't realise was that it would take multiple shots so this was the result lol...

Here we are cheering because it finally worked...not knowing it was still clicking away :)

Me pointing and saying the camera is still taking photos...

After all the laughter had settled, Kyla took this photo of Phil and I.

The sunset at the end of CHRISTMAS day was lovely. The day was hot (32.6C, 90.7F) but we survived. Christmas Eve ended up being 43.7C (110.6F).

Onwards to 2012 now.
Once again we are having scorching temperatures for the rest of this week and weekend.

Today 34C (93.2F),

Tomorrow Friday 38C (100.4F)

New Years eve Saturday 40C (104F)

New Years Day Sunday 43 (109.4F),

Monday 42C (107.6F),

Tuesday 40 (104F),

Wednesday 41C (105.8F)


We were going to go away for a few days but cant now because the garden and animals will need to be taken care of. The swimming pool will be put to good use I think :)

So wishing everyone a Happy New Year where ever you are.



  1. Tania I love your family photos. w
    What an amazing sunset and keep cool for the new year.

  2. Glad you had a good Christmas. I'm sorry to hear of such heat, but that was one BEAUTIFUL sunset!

  3. Gorgeous photos of all your family. I feel for you in that heat. Stay cool if you can.
    Anne xx

  4. Those photos are a crack-up! I must give that a go, I think mine will take multiples too! Poor you with that weather. i think it's meant to be 36C here for NY day so we are heading to our favourite spot - No. 2 Rocks with a crowd of people. Stay cool in that pool,


  5. We have been taking photos of the extended family at the annual Christmas party for over thirty years. Everyone always bitches about it and it is hard to organise 30 or so people including wriggling children. However at the party every year, the album comes out and the photos are examined. They are a wonderful chronicle of the family's progression...pregnant women, new babies, children getting bigger in each one, my dad getting older then disappearing, mum aging, an ex-husband that was there for years then suddenly gone, various boyfriends and girlfriends of daughters and grandchildren - some that made a fleeting presence and others that stayed. Make it a tradition...you'll love it!

    BTW I thought of you when I heard about the derailment near Katherine...not your train driver, I see!

  6. Love the family photo - and what a story to go along with it!

    Stay cool over the next week.

  7. Hazel, Phil was at work when the derailment happened but he was the other direction at Cook on the Nullabor. He doesn't go as far up as Katherine or Darwin unless he goes to Alice Springs relieving...

  8. Oh superb photos Tania, I especially love the unplanned ones! Just great!

    What a wonderful family you have.

    Sorry to hear about the temperatures and that your trip away has been rescheduled.

    Happy New Year

    Sft x

  9. Never read instructions....BUT hay we got the photo's, and now I am X pert.....

  10. Beautiful pictures . Looks like you and your family had a great time. The sunset photo is amazing!

  11. Tania, my neighbor and friend, had an exchange student from your country. I had hoped to visit with her a bit and talk more about your way of life over there, but never got the opportunity.She has returned now to your country. I wish I had made time for the visit. It would have been nice to have heard first hand about the differences and similarities of our countries.

  12. Great photos, what a hoot lol! :D You do well not to melt in those temps! Phew!

  13. A lovely Christmas and I would have been in fits of laughter too.
    Geez, the temperature is certainly rising over your way, we have been lucky so far not a lot of hot days but apparently it is coming in the New Year.

  14. Great Chrissy Pics Tania ! Or should I say Phil :0)
    Have a great New Year folks :0)

  15. wow that sunset is spectacular! may you have a wonderful new year and I look forward to sharing it with you in blog land
    Happy new year

  16. Thank you for sharing Tania! You have a beautiful family!
    Happy New Year to all!

  17. Don't melt, stay cool. Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas.

  18. Hello Tania , happy New year to you, Hubby and all your family :))
    Do hope you are able to keep cool, it has been so hot for S.A..
    great family pics for all to enjoy :))
    Take care ..


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