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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go Anna Go!

Can you see him?

What about now?

A little closer...

And closer...

he didn't run...

the closer we got...

this fella is about 28 inches long...

and has taken up residence out in the chook yard,

and has a nice big hole out there that he has made his home...

He had better not develop a liking for eggs...

even closer...

what a poser!

well maybe you are getting too close now!

What more photos?

Haven't you seen a handsome Goanna before?

This on the other hand is not at all handsome!

This fella was living in the chook house having a nice feast of mice...

He is a brown snake (very venomous) and was about four foot long!

We left him there for a few days to thin the mice out but it was getting too dangerous for us to venture out into the chook pen to feed up and collect eggs...

Sorry Mr Snake...

This is the second snake to visit this year...

Thank you to hubby for taking these photos, I was long gone lol!

Take care,



  1. Wow...that is so neat (and the snake is scarey!..ha..I like his picture).
    But that goanna is really neat. love,andrea

  2. Your goanna is gorgeous. Just look those colours and markings on his body. I'm not so enamoured of Mr Brown snake though. I wouldn't be going in to collect eggs if I knew there was one around.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  3. Goanas and a snake!

    I'm yet to see a snake on our block, although I saw a young tiger up the road basking. I was so tempted to run over it, but I didn't. I wonder if I'll regret it!

    How often do you get snakes in the garden?

  4. LOL cute goanna. DS10 nearly stood on a brown snake earlier this week, they are everywhere at the moment.

  5. I don't tolerate poisonous snakes - PERIOD! Our non-poisonous blacksnakes take care of the mice without the danger. They WILL eat eggs though, given the chance.

  6. At the botanical gardens there are more scrub turkeys now because the goannas who used to eat their eggs are diminishing due to the cane toads.

    So I think your eggs are in danger - but you are lucky to still have goannas. I don't have any in my backyard any more or blue tongues. So sad :-(

  7. Great Pics ! But he will eat the eggs...thats why he moved in :-/
    And the Brown !! ERK!Its a wonder the chooks didnt go off the lay when he came to visit.

  8. That Goanna is a poser lovely looking animsl though.

  9. I would have been long gone too. Hate snakes. We had one in the chook pen but it bit two chooks and they died.... Stuff the mice control I say - that close to the house warrants a shovel.

  10. What a lovely boy! Great photos! We've had four snakes this year. One was a brown right at the bottom of our front stairs. Scary stuff.

  11. Hey Tania, nice neighbours you have there..........

    The goanna is a very handsome chappy, but I don't think I would be too comfortable with him hanging around here and I definitely wouldn't like Mr. Brown living in the chook house, he had to go........

    It's giveaway time over at my blog if you want to pop over for a peek.

    Claire :]

  12. Hi darl

    Re your having trouble loading my blog this can easily be fixed. I have sent your email address an invite to follow my blog posts via email!

    Let me know if it works ok?



  13. Thanks for your comments today Tania. I pressed publish but they have flown away into cyber SOMEWHERE never to be sighted on my blog again.
    Love you to leave me another or maybe find the other LOL!

  14. We don't see goannas here. In QLD we used to get really big frilled necks and here in Tas we get Blue Tongues. Makes you realise what a large population of lizards are out there hey. Kudos for keeping the snake around to catch the mice but that what kind of scare me a little at this time of year. We get mostly Tiger snakes here (black and brown). I love reading about the things happening in your hot end of the world. Love Tanya

  15. Wow...your site is so stinkin cool:) This is the first time I have been to it, and can't wait to come back.

  16. Oh snakes, they terrify me. I am a new follower. I am thinking this blog will be very interesting indeed!

  17. great site Tania - it looks like the snake had an argument with a stick and lost. Please remember that ALL snakes are protected species and you should call a snake handler (as we do) to remove them. Wouldnt want you to get fined... Cheers

  18. Hi Andy, thank you for your comment. As you would have read the snake was left alone, but it was getting too dangerous to go out into the chook house. I have a grandson and he was with me when I first noticed the snakes tracks in the dirt in the chook house.

    Now to the best of my knowledge there is no snake handler in my area. By the time they would get here he could be long gone. We have had snakes here since and you will be pleased to know that we have not touched them. I am happy that they are here sharing my environment, they keep the mice population down. We just didn't want him where he was a threat. We don't kill willy nilly, and have respect for such creatures. In fact my dad has a wild snake residing where he lives. He is so quiet and he is rather large. He has been there for two years now, eating the mice. Dad is worried that if someone else sees him, he will be history :(

    I will look into whether there is a snake handler in my area, but I very much doubt it.



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