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Friday, August 5, 2011

On My Mind - The Garden

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. It opens the door to us sharing our lives through these photos and gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships. Your photo should show something at home that you're thinking about TODAY.

I am thinking about my garden today.
Getting prepared for the fast approaching Spring.

I am waiting for hubby to put a couple more beds in the garden for me...

The garden is looking a bit bare at the moment.
I had a good crop of broccoli this year, without any bugs!
The sugar peas and spring onions are doing okay,
as is the silver beet so I have planted some more...
The garlic has been slow to take off, hopefully the warm weather will get them going.
My dwarf beans have suffered from the nasty frosts that we have had this year, and there is more frosts coming early next week...I do cover them but they have still been burned.
The capsicum bushes have been pruned ready for this years crop. I have been thinking about pulling these out and starting some fresh plants growing. This will be the fourth year from them...
And I want to try growing potatoes in a bag, I have been doing some research about this the past few days.

What is on your mind?


  1. Hi, your garden looks great! With the heat you guys get I'm surprised you can grow anything there lol, but you manage to grow more than me!

    Your folder you photographed,,,,is that a gardening/planting diary?

  2. Hi Ourgangof7,

    You can find the garden diary here:


    It is very useful...

    Another good guide on Gardening Australia site:


  3. your raised beds look great,I know what you mean about sandy soil(my problems is clay),I've had spring sowing on my mind also I just planted out some seeds yesterday and today

  4. Sigh. I wish my veggie garden looks as tidy as yours! Mine subscribes to the 'cover it all with mulch and no one will notice' philosophy!

    Thanks for the garden diary link - I'm just getting myself organised for spring planting too and am hoping to be a bit more organised this year and actually take some notes/ make some records (here's hoping).

    I grow potatoes in piles of grass clippings. I think I read it in a Jackie French book. Anyway I gave it a go and it works a treat - I got so many spuds this year I am telling everyone!

    Great blog :)

  5. Hello, I've come over from Down to Earth and I've just come in from a day in the garden. Actually my herb patch. Your garden looks great and sounds like it has been very bountiful. I've only recently started a veggie patch and I am guarding the few little seedlings with my life. I'm looking forward to Spring and all that comes with it.



    Sft x

  7. Wow I love seeing other people's gardens! I love yours! You've got a lot happening in it for this time of year. I'm starting to feel really excited about gardening too. I always sow my seeds in August and I get a smile on my face every time I anticipate it. I think maybe next weekend would be good!!!

  8. By this point in winter my garden is looking SAD and in need of some attention. I have a few shrubs that need a heavy prune as the frost has killed off parts of them. I am putting this off as I don't want any new shots from the cuts until the heavy frost has past. I also have a bed that needs digging up as it is looking rather glum.

    Otherwise I am wondering if I will get everything done that I need/want to do.

  9. Hi Tania, I haven't been here for a while. Your garden is coming along and I can't believe the temps you have had! I made your fruit cake the other day...always reminds me of you when I do!

  10. Fantastic to see photos of your garden. It sounds like we have similar plants at this time of the year. My beans also got burnt when we had a frost a few weeks ago ... a shame, as they had been providing plenty of food.

    I have one smaller raised garden bed that is dedicated to the purple potatoes I grow. I also grow kumara in this garden, and any space gets whatever 'extra' seedlings I have needing a home. I used to grow potatoes in bags and it's a great idea.

    Good luck with getting your garden organised for the new season!

  11. Hallo! Your garden looks wonderful even though it's the slow season...are you able to grow tomatoes there?
    Hope you have a great weekend

  12. Hi Tania,

    Your garden is still looking good and it's exciting getting it ready for spring. My silverbeet has been going well too and it looks like I'll have some broccoli soon and hopefully some broad beans too.

    I've had a very busy weekend in the garden so far and hope to get more done tomorrow if the rain stays away for at least part of the day.

  13. Your garden is wonderful! I wish our's had done better but we just couldn't water it enough - can't afford to buy that much water from the city. Good luck with your Spring garden.

  14. I like this time of year when the planning kicks in for summer growing - so many options and new things to think about. Haven't tried the potato growing in bags.

    I went for a drive to St Erth (Digger's) last week and picked up some seeds..it was a good motivater. Happy gardening. :)

  15. Wish you all the very best for your lovely vegetable garden! Sorry to hear about the frost but you see nature always has it's way of throwing challenges on us :)
    But your garden looks great!
    Your Garden Personality
    Which type of garden goes with your personality?

  16. my vegie garden bed looks like it's imprisoned at the moment - we've had to cover the 'roof' of it (via trees, poles, star pickets etc) to prevent the tomatoes from being eaten by the bower birds. i've been alternately blaming cockatoos and possums until i saw the bower birds helping themselves. so far so good, until they realise they can just walk under the bird mesh roof! hopefully by then the tomatoes will be ripe and in my kitchen.

  17. How on earth did you not get any bugs on your broccoli? :) Your vegie beds look terrific, but there is always that hankering for more...I'm eyeing our garage! We don't really need to park the car in it do we...?


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