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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Op Shop

Another op shop visit last week yielded some more goodies.

A pretty blue chenille bedspread,

an EasiYo at last...
I have been trying to get hold of one of these for a while, so I can make my own natural yogurt.

Some Pyrex dishes I hope to use for pies,

and a cute little jug...
Have a great day everyone :)


  1. I love finding Pyrex in the op shop to. It's dear to buy new but I have found heaps at $1-2. I have just caught up with your recent posts & I do hope your shoulder is feeling much better. Not to much gardening to aggravate the healing I hope.

  2. Good finds, I have not made yogurt lets know how you go..yumm.

  3. Looks like some of my treasures after a trip to the Hosparus Shoppe. I had a yogurt machine 30 some years ago which I got with S&H green stamps.I blogged about it, since there was such a weird happening involving the machine. I'll see if I can locate that story and post you a link to it.(It may take a while. I think that was back before I learned to use labels on my posts.)

  4. The pyrex will be super handy. I love the little jug - super cute.

  5. Yay, what great finds! I love my easi yo. It gets a work out most days around here. With three kids, yoghurt doesn't last long!

  6. I love my Eziyo, great find Tania. I never seem to be able to find pyrex down here unfortunately. Who knows what will pop up one day though.

  7. I like the bedspread! Good finds for sure :)

  8. I find it very hard to leave behind a chennile bedspread. That easiyo was a lucky find - I've never seen a second hand one in all my years of op shopping.

  9. Awesome bargains! I was hoping to find an ezi-yo in the op-shop but the ones I found weren't intact, so had to get mine new. Love the pyrex dishes you found, will have to keep my eyes open for those to I think, thanks for the idea :) Hope you have fun with the pie making :) Take care, Regards Ruth

  10. Ooooh, the aqua blue chenille spread is lovely! Those bedspreads always remind me of my Grandmother... she had them on the beds at her house.

  11. Hi Tania - I found one recently at an op shop too - first time I'd seen one!


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